A flourish Korea pump sales co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful coastal city of weihai rongcheng。Company is mainly engaged in all kinds of weihai pumps and accessory products sales(Weihai deep well pump、Sewage pump、Fire pump、Submersible pump、Centrifugal pump、Self-priming pump、The variable frequency pump、Weihai three fish pumps, etc)
The company is engaged in20Years is always in line with“People-oriented,Quality win”The management idea,Move the truth on the marketing and service,Consider for the customer the actual effect。Company product quality is established、On-site inspection acceptance、Installation guide services、Running and debugging、On-site technical service、Equipment warranty period、After the warranty period of spare parts supply and maintenance service commitment and complete after-sales service of a complete set of management system,With good after-sales service system and means to ensure that the interests of the customer,Do customers purchase our products at the same time enjoy the sales、Deliver the goods、Installed through-train service。

A flourish Korea pump sales co., LTD
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